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She rarely left her apartment these days, though the brilliance of the city had never ceased to fascinate her. One day, she saw an advertisement on the television, advertising mechanical wings of titanium — very light and aerodynamic. She ordered the wings right away and when they arrived, she strapped them to her shoulders and back, marveling at their beauty.

She climbed the stairs to the top floor of the building. Right when she was about to jump and test her majestic wings in flight, she suddenly remembered that she was 81 years old and suffered from an arthritis which afflicted her back. Even so, she extended the wings — her wings — just for a moment and then returned to her apartment, content. Perhaps she visited the woman in the beginning, trying to resist the resentment she felt growing inside of her, but every time that woman made fun of her and laughed at her, the confidence of the young girl was diminished.

Except for a mere glance from the mirror which held the blurry image of her face, the woman never even greeted her. Visit the Yamada Language Center website for a complete schedule. The collection includes two essays by Prof. It is a valuable contribution to cinema studies on many levels, and I was delighted to have read it. Each cake was decorated with colored sugar representing the Mardi Gras colors: green for faith, gold for power, and purple for justice. A plastic baby was hidden inside each cake. This year a Louisiana gift basket was awarded to the person who came with the best homemade mask.

For those interested in learning more about Louisiana, this spring a 4 th -year French course La Louisiane francophone will be taught by Director of French Language Dr.

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Brian Barnett MW from P ictures from the evening can be seen by viewing this YouTube video. The song accompanying the images is the Chanson de Mardi Gras. Multiple versions of the lyrics for this song exist.

Ensayo comparativo entre el libro “La casa de las bellas durmientes” y la película “Sleeping Beauty”

Below is the version by Hadley J. Hadley J. Castille Chanson de Mardi Gras by Hadley J.


These poems are both deeply embedded in our literary traditions and right on the edge of contemporary poetics. Moving, unflinching and alive, they reward the closest attention with a cornucopia of unexpected pleasures.

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Herrmann receives grants from Spanish Ministry of Education and Holocaust Education Foundation Associate Professor of Spanish Gina Herrman has received two grants this summer in support of her Holocaust research and teaching. En la tarde vi una bella enamorada de un bello, luego los vi caminando juntos.

En la noche vi una bestia enamorada de un bello, Luego la vi caminando sola. At night, I saw a beastly woman in love with a beautiful man, Later I saw her walking alone. He already killed everyone. He thought for a moment, and recognized there was no one in this world. The wars were over, the soldier said; who am I going to fight againt now?

Jordan Pederson. UO Mardi Gras celebrant. Reception to follow. This event is FREE and open to all! Search for:. Privacy Policy. Developed by Development Services. Post a Review. You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Sanjay K. Nawalkha , Gloria M. Soto , Natalia K. File: PDF, 2. Since use of such 5 forms suggests ignorance of foreign languages, it is unlikely that many of them will be adopted.

Zero plural forms are often given to foreign words in spontaneous everyday speech. Poniatowska, Mexico 'in the Ribas' house'. A group of individuals who merely happen to have the same name will be pluralized according to the usual rules, although names in -z are almost always invariable: Este pueblo esta lieno de Morenos, Blancos y PereceslPerez no todos los Juan Perez del mundo G.

Normally only the first noun is pluralized. The following forms have been noted from various written sources: el ano luz el arco iris la carcel modelo el coche cama el hombre rana la hora punta el experimento piloto el nino prodigio el perro policia el sistema antimisil los anos luz los arcos iris las carceles modelo los coches cama los hombres rana8 las horas punta los experimentos piloto los ninos prodigio los perros policia los sistemas antimisil light year rainbow model prison sleeping car frogman rush hour lit.

The scholarly word el hiperbaton 'hyperbaton' usually forms the plural los hiperbatos. Mass or uncountable nouns denote non-countable items, 'justice', 'bread', but not "'two justices', "'two breads'. In both English and Spanish, mass or uncountable nouns can often be pluralized to mean different varieties of the thing in question: 'her fear'I'her fears', 'my love'I'my loves', '1 love French wine'I'1 love French wines'. This device is far more frequent in Spanish than in English, and idiomatic translation of the resulting plural noun may require thought, e.

The following list is by no means exhaustive: las aJueras los alrededores los altos Lat. Spanish normally clarifies the issue by using the singular if only one each is implied or if only one thing is possessed: Les cortaron la cabeza Se quitaron el sombrero Todos tenian novia tres israelfes con pasaporte aleman Cambio16, Spain La cara de Antonio no refleja el mismo entusiasmo.

Ni la de sus cunados tampoco Carmen Rico-Godoy, Spain They cut off their heads They took off their hats All had girlfriends one each three Israelis with German passports Antonio's face doesn't reflect the same enthusiasm. Nor do lit. Spota, dialogue, Mexico 'They were doing it so we wouldn't see their faces'. Se emocion6 de ver tanto libro junto L. SepUlveda, Chile In summer you get a lot of English. He was moved to see so many books together This construction is colloquial and tends to sound mocking.

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For further remarks on the agreement of adjectives see 4. For the agreement of possessive adjectives, see 8. For agreement with cuyo see For tense agreement see As the translations show, such nouns may be treated as plurals in English - especially in spoken British English, d. El gobierno considera. La gente dice. La tripulaci6n esta a su disposici6n The government consider s People say Examples: Un minima de 13 presos habfan sido asistidos A minimum of 13 prisoners had been treated for injuries de heridas El Pais, Spain The majority are curled up asleep La mayoria duermen, hechos ovillos M.

Paz, Mexico El resto de mis bienes es ya vuestro The rest of my goods are yours now A. Gala, Spain Notes i The question of agreement with collective nouns in constructions like una mayorfa de personas is controversial. Seco , , advocates the plural, but the style book of El Pais recommends the singular wherever possible. Native speakers will sometimes hesitate over agreement with collective nouns: una pareja amiga que se llamalllaman Mario y Ana 'a couple who are friends of ours and are called Mario and Ana'.

After tipo de and similar phrases, count nouns are often made plural: Ya que ese tipo de rostros es frecuente en los palses sudamericanos E. Sabato, Argentina Since that type of face is frequent in South American countries "Por que hacen los hombres este tipo de cosas? Rico-Godoy, Spain Why do men do this kind of thing? When ser and occasionally a few other verbs like volverse has a singular subject and a plural noun for its predicate, the verb agrees in number with the predicate, a construction which is unfamiliar to English speakers and difficult to analyse according to the traditional rules of grammar.

Number agreement rules 27 This most commonly occurs after neuter pronouns like todo 'everything.. A similar phenomenon is found in French and German, which say 'it are lies': ce sont des mensonges, es sind Liigen: Esa gente son unos ladrones Esto son lentejas y eso son guisantes Todo son prob1emas EI escrito eran sus 'condiciones' para que las Fuerzas Armadas aceptaran el sistema establecido Cambio16, Spain Su morada mas comun son las ruinas. Borges, Argentina Those people are thieves This is lentils and that's peas It's all problems The document was his 'conditions' for the Armed Forces accepting the established system Their most usual dwelling-place is in ruins Al perro flaco todo se Ie vuelven pulgas Everything turns to fleas for a skinny dog Le.