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Big shell. So called on account of thick smoke emitted when bursting.

Kohlenkester, schwarze Sau. Fellow, chap. Un pauvre bougre, a poor devil. Un sale bougre, a bad egg.

Guillaume Apollinaire-Alcools (Athlone French Poets) (French Edition)(2001)

Un bon bougre, a good chap. II est epatant, ce bougre-ld, he is a caution, he takes the cake. Merely intensifying. Bougre d' idiot! Inter j. By Jove, this is quite another matter!

Un traitement très contrasté (agréable, désagréable...)

Though bougre has the same derivation as "bugger,' the original acceptation has completely disappeared in French, and the word belongs not to foul but to very colloquial language. Bougrement beau, bon, mauvais, etc. J'ai bougrement travaille, I've worked jolly hard. Fern, of bougre i.

Music-hall, penny gafif, coffee-house of low order, coal-hole. Cobbler, 2. Affected person. Faire du bouif, to swank. Boire, prendre un bouillon, to experience a failure. Donner un bouillon de onze heures a quelqu'un, to murder some one by giving poison. Tomber dans le bouillon, to fall into the water, get a ducking. Tu paries d'une houillotte I talk of a mug!


Remercier son boulanger, to kick the bucket. Head, nut, chump.

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Boule de son, miUtary loaf. Envoy er bouler quelqu'un, to send some one to the right-about, send some one sprawling. Boule-Miche, proper name. Boulevard Saint-Michel, in the Latin quarter. Gross mistake. Faire une boulette, to make a blunder. To work, to toil. Ily a du boulot, there is plenty of work. Qa n'est pas ton boulot, that is not your business. Meal, food. Short, thick, or fat person, a podger. II a boulofte francs dans sajournSe, he blued, got through twenty pounds in one day.

La chanson populaire française en Espagne - Persée

Comment fa va t-il? Qa boulotte, how are you getting on? Qa m'est tombe bourn sur la tete, it fell down, bang on to my head. Bourn, voild I said by a waiter to mean that he has heard customer's call. Book, bouquiner, vb. To read. II est toujours a bouquiner, I.

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Lie, stuff, twaddle. Confer des bourdes, to talk nonsense. Faire une bourde, to make a blunder. La bonrgeoise, my wife, the missus. To toil esp.

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Lies, false statement, balder- dash, fake. Tout ga je n'en crois rien, c'est du bourrage de crdne. I don't believe that, it's all tosh, they're codding us. See bourrer. Bourrer le crdne d quelqu'un, to tell some- body lies, especially to hoax. To deceive by filling up or cramming with false stories, empty talk.

Les journaux nous bourrent le crdne, the papers are kidding us. One says also bourrer le mou.

Derrière chez nous le Rossignol y chante

One who bourre le crdne. Monter le bourrichon d quelqu'un, to rouse, to work upon, somebody. On lui a monte le bourrichon contre moi, they have excited him against me. II se monte facilement le bourrichon, he easily works himself up into a state, he kids himself easily. Kif-kif bourricot, quite the same, six of one and half a dozen of the other, much of a muchness. Horse, nag. Old or bad horse, jade. Faire tourner quelqu'un en bourrique, to drive somebody mad, off his nut. Pig-headed person.


Bousculer lepot de fleurs, to exaggerate, to come it strong. Bungled work. To spoil, do badly. Bousiller un travail, to bungle, mess up a job. To kill. II s' est fait bousiller, he's been done in. Al o fig. Noise, row. Faire du bousin, to be riotous. From old cant bowsing, bowsing ken, low tavern. Perdre la boussole, to lose one's head. II a perdu la boussole, he is crazy, daft, off his chump.

To eat, feed esp. House, institution, establishment esp. Quelle boutique! What a beastly hole! J'enverrai sauter toufe la boutique.