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Roommates Life Tips

Your living room is a common space, and when you moved into this apartment originally, you made it the perfect place to entertain. Your roommates bring over friends because it's such a nice setup — some even stay the weekend on your couch! And that's ok with you; it's good to meet new people! But after weeks and weeks of this, Goldfish crumbs stay in the rug because no one owns a good vacuum. Hint of Lime tortilla chips fall out of bags and live under the couch. Too much foot traffic has moved the rug across the room.

What was once a beautiful living room is now back to looking like your college house. You're better than this. Remember, these are your friends — and you want them in your life when you move out. Or maybe they're not and you don't. But you don't have time for passive aggressive texts or the power struggles that emerge from the doomed 'roommate cleaning schedule' that never catches on.

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Roommates Play An Honest Game Of Never Have I Ever

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You know their sleeping pattern better than your own

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This Chicagoan has mastered the art of waiting for the train while chowing down on his city's famous pizza. The Sink Full Of Dishes When you and your roommates were hunting for an apartment and walked through this one, you fell in love. Toothpaste Bathroom Sink The dried toothpaste sink of your nightmares. Pasta Sauce Stove One of your roommates that has never showed an interest or aptitude for cooking decided to make home-made pasta sauce with their significant other in your kitchen.

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Your General Mess Of A Living Room Your living room is a common space, and when you moved into this apartment originally, you made it the perfect place to entertain. Want more stories like this? Every day we send an email with the top stories from Digg. Live like a king and the captain of your own boat on this one-of-a-kind floating mansion.

Who needs an Equinox membership when you have this very helpful Rottweiler.

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Victoria has a room for rent Lewisham. H has a room for rent Mitcham. Find Flatmates. Rammya is Looking for a Room Looking for a room. I work as contractor outside of Browse listings of flatshares, rooms and apartments to rent in United Kingdom. View profiles of flatmates and roommates and chat with your matches online! Online Chat. Hey Anthony!

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I have a room in the area. Meet flatmates. Why Join Us.

View detailed listings of spare rooms to rent in London, flatmates profiles, roommates ads and vacant flatshares across the UK. User friendly interface connecting between tenants, homeowners, flatmates, and roommates in London and across the UK. Advanced tools to help you rent a place faster.

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