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Now, all Creation won't last the week. A pint-size angel with a talking disorder-she never shuts up.

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A poet and a prophet with over five thousand years combined experience at being dead. But: The forces of evil are amassing. Then the gods started bickering Get A Copy. Kindle Edition. Published first published July 9th More Details Original Title.

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    Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Most people remember One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as the award-winning film starring Jack Nicholson, but long before it came the novel on which it is based. Books Like Bad Monkey. Sunny weather and shady characters are the typical trademarks of Carl Hiaasen, the American crime fiction writer.

    Hiaasen also has a penchant for basing his stories in Florida while mixing in healthy doses of humor along with themes of environmentalism for his novels. All gospel believers read about the first Jews that started the early Church in the book of Acts.

    M. L. Buchman

    If Christ was the savior then i am dead in sin and of no hope. Please if you read this read some of Pauls teachings and i pray we all find the truth. Be Blessed. Dvirah , July 20, PM. Do you really see the Creator as such an sadist? I suggest that instead of shaking in you boots, you cultivate a direct relationship with the Creator. Eliana Liorit , August 7, PM. You don't need anything but G-d and you don't need to be of a any particular religion to "be saved. The answers are there. You don't need Paul. You need G-d and only G-d. Uri Yitzchak , August 20, PM.

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    I'm a Roman Catholic, always in search of the truth and, yes, there is such a thing , and consider myself an ardent Zionist. Your information here is very helpful in furthering my knowledge of and appreciation for Judaism. Thank you. Please include me in any other posts. I would love to be informed of any events to become more involved. Today is Shabbat Shabbat Shalom. Dear Rabbi - i wanted to thank you for this thoughtful explanation. My daughter goes to catholic school and the beauty of a religious school is that the children ask themselves the most impressive questions that most children do not think about.

    Often, I do not know how to answer her questions I have friends who are Jewish and they did not know how to answer either do thank you. What led me to actually studying more about the bible was learning Hebrew and studying the entire bible in its original language. I love learning about cultures and religions. This is one of the best articles I've ever come across and plan to refer to this when I need something to reference regarding the character of jesus.

    Excellent write up!!! This is very intelligent analysis on Jesus and Christianity as a religion.

    While I'm an atheist I find Judaism a very logical religion it actually makes sense , while Christianity appears to me as a highly contrived and contradictory tale; a sort of twisted religious black mail. This article should be the ultimate guide to debate your Christians friends. Thank you!

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    I am currently exploring all different religious beliefs and its this one that fascinats me the most thank you for helping me understand but still confused as to why your religion has been persecuted so much x. Anonymous , January 24, PM. I agree. Not being a 'follower' of any religion, I have long been fascinated by the fact that Jesus was Jewish and yet Christianity and Judaism are completely at odds. I found this to be very enlightening. Coach , January 24, PM. Anonymous , May 18, AM. Judaism is passed through the mother only. Kingship, priesthood and tribe are passed through the father.

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    Garden of Emuna is an excellent book. Describes our purpose in this world to Serve G-d by connecting with him and by serving others. This is an excellent article which I've read many times in various forms. I like to add the following line of thinking prior to this explanation: 1 Do you believe in G-d? Old Testament to Christians? To fit their religion? You can hear from hundreds who came to the same conclusion.

    Noahides have found a way to live Torah and serve G-d. Some eventually choose to convert. Diane Williams , December 3, PM. I am a Christian but I have always felt a yearning for truth. I believe that Cgristianity is not the embodiment of what God wants his people to be.