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Ann, b. George Sumner, Jonathan, b. May 14, ; m. Ehhraim, b. Eben, b. Margarette Cheney. Mary, b. John Clark, Jan. Edward, b. Aug 8, ; m. JNote D, App. He became Freeman in , and was chosen Deacon, July 31st, He was Town Clerk and Selectman for many years.


With his mother he administered on the estate of his father, as shown by the will. He married Sept. Mary, dau. Roger Sumner, Oct. Stephen, b. Hannah Belcher of Milton, Aug. Lydia, b. John Pitcher of Milton, May 13, He married Dec. He was Deacon of the first church. Lemuel Gulliver returned to Ireland in , and was very extravagant in his description of this country to Jonathan Swift. This would entitle him to the privilege of voting for rulers. It was customary to get a certificate from his minister of his orthodox principles and moral conversation.

Waitstill Sumner Tucker was born Dec. The following is from an ancient copy of Milton Church Records, kindly loaned by Rev. Teele of Milton These initials are supposed to stand for Rev. John Tay- lor, who was ordained pastor of the church, Nov. May 21, Jane or Jean Clapp, Janf'so,. May 14, Hannah Shepard of Milton, Nov 20 ; d. March lo, Rebecca Leeds, ; she d.

MaRV, b.

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June 5, m. Ezra Clap of Milton, Nov. July 31, Susanna Sumner, bed.

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Sarah Woodardi d. July 9, He married Sarah Baker of Dedham, March i, He died Dec. Sarah, his wife died Sept. She was admitted to full communion May 4, 1 Abigail, b.

James Blake. They had nine children. Rebecca Swift, ; d. Jeremiah, b. Mary Wadsworth, ; d.

Capt William Samuel Tucker

June 4, ; m. Daniel, b. Samuel, b. July 8, ; m. Abigail Shepard of Stoughton, Mass. Timothy, b. Mindwell Ingraham, ; d. Mary Sumner, ; d. Mary Dana of Pomfret, Conn. He married Jemima Daniels, Dec. He died June 8, Admitted into full communion Feb. Seth, b. Hannah Whiting of Roxbury, Mass.

Thomas Vose of Milton, Mass. Jedediah, b. Dorothy, b. July 22, ; m. Joseph Shaw of Milton, Mass. Isaac, b. William Green of Leicester, Mass. The property was divided March 17, , and amounted to pounds and 2 shillings. Among the assets were a negro woman and two negro boys valued at forty-eight pounds.

Susanna, b.

Tucker: Rot is at the highest levels of law enforcement

John Howard of Stoughton, Mass. Zeruiah, m. Caleb Howard. Daughter, name unknown. June, He came in possession of part of the lands in Spencer and Leicester, Mass.

He married for his first wife, Sarah, by whom he had Sarah, b. Thomas Heron of Dedham, Mass.

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He married, second, Elizabeth Williams of Rox- bury, Mass. He died in July 30, ; m. Daniel Weld, who was born Aug. Mary Warren of Watertown, Mass.

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Hannah Parks, May 31, Henry, settled in Norton,? Catherine, b. May 12, July 5, ; m. Hannah, dau.