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He is henpecked at home but has the strength to make his case. Margo cannot understand her neighbours' lifestyle, but their friendship is important to her. As a child, she was bullied at school for having no sense of humour. A social climber, staunchly Conservative and unafraid to challenge anyone who gets on her nerves, Margo nevertheless reveals a heart of gold.

She involves herself with organisations such as the Pony Club and the Music Society, always wishing to play the lead role. Margo is occasionally made aware of her faults by others, including her husband, and is not too proud to apologise. His wife, Felicity, is more relaxed.

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She is one of the few characters to support the Goods and finds their attempt at self-sufficiency exciting. She says, "I wanted to do something exciting when I was young, and then I met Andrew and that was the end of that. Andrew calls Tom and Barbara "Tim and Fatima", but in the episode "Anniversary" admits he has always known their names and pretends to forget — "an old executive ploy to put people at a disadvantage.

Several characters are mentioned but unseen. The overweight Mrs Dooms-Paterson is an equally dictatorial acquaintance and a fellow member of the Pony Club. Mr and Mrs Pearson, the Leadbetters' gardener and housekeeper, are mentioned in several episodes. The Good Life aired for four series and two specials from 4 April to 10 June The cast and crew were presented to The Queen and Prince Philip after the recording. The episode was originally broadcast in a minute slot with footage either side of the minute episode showing the Royal Party entering and exiting.

The second, More of The Good Life , was published in , also by Penguin, and featured three episodes from series two and four episodes from series three. In the United States The Good Life was retitled Good Neighbors to avoid confusion with a short-lived American sitcom of the same name, and was shown by most PBS stations across the country starting in the early s. After the success of The Good Life , the four cast members, most of whom were little-known beforehand, were given their own "vehicles" commissioned by the then Head of Comedy and producer of The Good Life , John Howard Davies.

In , the BBC broadcast the mockumentary Life Beyond the Box: Margo Leadbetter , describing Margo's life since the series had finished, although the original actors appear only in archive footage. The Good Life features in an episode of The Young Ones titled " Sick " where Vyvyan played by Adrian Edmondson rips apart the title page after the first ten seconds of the opening credits of this show while criticising it, saying, "It's so bloody nice!

They're nothing but a couple of reactionary stereotypes, confirming the myth that everyone in Britain is a lovable middle-class eccentric.

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And I hate them! Giles Coren and Sue Perkins worked together on a six-episode series Giles and Sue Live the Good Life , broadcast to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original series. In the series, they recreated an attempt by two city-dwellers to adjust to country life, in ways such as raising their own barnyard animals, creating their own Christmas decorations and knitting their own clothing.

Some have connected the increasing popularity of hobby farms to the success of TV shows like The Good Life. Series 1—3 were released as a box set in ; Series 4 was released in and includes the Royal Command Performance.

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Orion Books. Retrieved 19 August Not this Young One". The Observer. Guardian Media Group. Retrieved 30 April The New Zealand Herald.

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Retrieved 17 February Esmonde and Larbey. And in some ways, that's the sweet spot front man and lyricist Tim Kasher inhabits: trying to make sense of this world of ours, and how and why we navigate it the way we do. It is also the first that truly embodies the band as a whole, more so than any previous album. In blending elements of drummer Roger L.

Lewis's love of classic rock, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fox's chaotic approach to melody, Stefanie Drootin-Senseney's propulsive, tuneful bass parts and colorful vocal arrangements, and Kasher's deft, complementary song writing, the band sparked a vibrant evolution in sound.

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The Good Life have never been afraid to switch up their sound, refusing to be ascribed as one thing or another. Then life, as it does, took over: Kasher moved around the US, eventually settled in Chicago, and released two Cursive albums as well as two solo albums. Drootin-Senseney relocated to Los Angeles with her husband Chris, where they had a couple of kids and formed the band Big Harp, which released two albums.

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Lewis stayed put in Omaha - The Good Life gleaned its name from Nebraska's displaced state slogan - and played with bands Conduits and Oquoa. The band then turned to John Congleton St.